Thursday, January 9, 2014

Entering 2014

2014... Arif Hakim moving to Little Caliph kindergarten. Alhamdulillah, he has no issue to wake up as early at 6:30am and get ready to school (apart from carry him to bathroom and settle him after shower... he he).

My blessing would always be with you..wish you become a good caliph, insyaAllah.

2014... Nur Ain Nazihah, become more independent now, accompany her to school only on the first day to ensure she is fine in managing her self for transit, transport, etc. She gonna have a tough schedule this year by having classes from 8am to 6:40pm. Ibu would have to trust you now and hope everything goes well... I'm know that I can count on you and you definitely won't let me down.

All that I can say... please take care dear :)

2014... Farish Daniyal continue to cheers the family... he started to show his interest in exploring, pay attention to what he hears/sees.. He squeals, bubbling a lot now.. He is turning 6 months soon but he just fit nicely in 9 months old suit :p

Well... someone hardly pushing his bump :)