Monday, February 22, 2010

First Solid Food - Arif

Cepatnyer masa berlalu..Kejap jek Arif dah 6 bln..and now, time to introduce him a solid food..his first solid, sama gak macam kakak dia dulu - plain porridge..first feed muke curious + suspicious jek..following feed laju kemain, lambat sket jek dah mintak2..tengok adik makan..kakak pun terliur nak rasa jugak..sudahnyer kakak yg over..siap request second cup kononnyer adik nak lagi, padahal kakak yang tak cukop..alahai..nasik kosong pun sedap ek kakak?

Meh kakak suapkan..Adik satu, kakak satu..adik satu lagi, kakak dua..erkkk?! alkisahnyer, tu la rahsia beria2 sangat nak suap..eehhehehee...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sekayu Waterfall

Full btol aktiviti balik kampung kali nih..eventhough 4 hari kat kampung tak terasa pun..hari2 ikut Tok pegi wedding ceremony, orang kawen ada rumah kata kakak Jiha (kat kl slalu wedding kat dewan..ehehheheee)

Sempat gak selitkan aktiviti picnic kat air terjun sekayu petang isnin tuh..dah lama gak tak pegi nih..tapi standard la time cuti2 panjang camnih sure ramai orang..wat julung2 kalinyer, try Taman Pertanian Sekayu plak..rasanyer dah 5-6 thn kot tak masuk sini, slalu pegi tempat public tu jek..

Dah banyak perubahan rupenyer dalam nih..last datang sini tempat ni macam tempat jin bertendang jek masa bawah pemerintahan PAS dulu..tatau plak skang dah cantik, siap ada pool lagik..

Nazihah cam bese la kalo dah jumpe air memang biar gigil sekalipun tanak naik selagi sume org tak naik..Ibu yg riso tgk kegigilan dia..

Kesian Arif..beginning nak demam nih tapi pulun gak la join..boley senyum lagik tu..kire ok la..ehheeheheee..

Tak puas kalo tak wat BBQ kata Pok Joe..ada org rajin nak problem len sume dah tenjun, terpakse la hero 2 org tu usahakan BBQ..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

They are growing..

hmMmm..cepat btol masa berlalu..Nazihah dah semakin petah berceloteh skang nih..kadang sampai tak terlayan..sonot kalo time mood dia baik, rajin layan adik..boley la harapkan kakak entertain adik sementara Ibu nak mandi, solat, buat keje kat dapo, sidai baju, etc..mekasey kakak Jiha!

Arif still gain weight, skang 9kg on his 5 months old. Boring2 baring, bergolek..boley seat in walker dah..bley la attract attention dia kejap..tapi bila dah bosan merengek gak mintak dipangku. Formation jari2 arif dah kuat tuk hold botol sendrik..pandai main sendrik even tuk short term jek..jadik la..anak2 Ibu ni manje sangat nak menempel jek..

Aksi2 kakak entertain adiknyer..pandai plak berlakon depan camera :p

Thursday, February 4, 2010

5-month-old's development

Sitting up on her own
If you place her on her stomach, she'll extend her arms and legs and arch her back, and when on her back, she'll lift her head and shoulders. She may even sit momentarily without assistance -- be nearby, however, to provide support and surround her with pillows to cushion a possible fall. Encourage her to play face-down on the floor: lifting her head and chest to see toys or your face helps strengthen her neck muscles and develops the head control necessary for sitting up. If you support her under the arms while letting her balance her feet on your thighs, she'll bounce up and down. She's capable of easily bringing an object to her mouth for oral exploration.

Repeating her favourite sounds
become so enthralled by one of their newfound abilities that they get stuck on it for a while. This is a normal developmental process. Most babies master one skill before moving to the next. Hearing the same sound over and over can get annoying, but learning patience now will prepare you for the endless string of "nos" and "whys" you'll be hearing when she is a toddler.

Strong enough to feed herself
may be able to hold her own bottle now. Your baby's probably showing more signs that she's ready for solids -- from a lessened tongue-thrust reflex to a keener interest in the foods you and other people are eating. However, breastmilk or formula is all she needs until she is six months old

Learning about cause and effect
ability to interact with you, others and her surroundings is growing daily. She may start playing little games as she begins to understand that simple actions have results. She may drop objects just to watch you pick them up, or to see how and where they fall. Tiring as it sounds, you'd better get used to it. In a few weeks, this will be accompanied by fits of giggles.

Able to see small objects and subtle colours
getting better at spotting very small objects and tracking moving things. At this point, your child may be able to recognise an object after seeing only part of it -- the basis of little hide-and-seek games you'll be playing in the coming months. Earlier, your baby learned to distinguish between similar bold colours. Now she's beginning to sort out subtle differences in pastels.

Honing in on sounds
realises where sounds come from, and she'll turn quickly toward a new one. One of the most appealing ways to engage her is to jingle a set of keys. Wind chimes are great attention-getters, too. Your baby may watch your mouth intently when you speak now, and try to imitate inflections and utter consonant sounds such as "m" and "b." Five-month-olds can recognise their own name now. Notice how your little one turns her head when you call her or talk about her with others.

Easily distractible now
When your baby starts fussing at the supermarket this month, you may be able to distract her for a short time. Try engaging her with funny faces or a round of Incy-Wincy Spider. Clapping your hands or giving her something to hold can work too

A growing range of emotions
While they do let you know when they're angry, bored or happy, they can't express love or humour in the first few months, but that's beginning to change. By five months, your baby shows a strong attachment to you by raising her arms when she wants to be picked up and crying when you leave the room. She may also give you hugs and kisses. And she's beginning to get the joke -- she'll laugh at funny expressions or positions and try to make you laugh, too.

‘No Plastic Day’

"Effective Jan 1, a ‘No Plastic Bag’ day would be observed every Saturday and retailers and shopping centres throughout the state were urged to reduce the use of plastic bags. Customers who insist on plastic bags will have to pay 10 sen per bag."

Ramai yang tak aware pasal kempen nih termasuk la kami. Last saturday, lepas badminton session, we planned nak pegi giant. When auntie Ida ckp today takde plastic bag, kena bawak sendrik..dengan konpidennyer Ibu jawab 'takpe, aku nak bli pampers jek..mmg derg takkan kasi plastic bag'.

Nah! sudahnyer ada gak additional stuff 'terborong'..sume longgok jek la dalam bonet, korg jangan lupe yer bawak recycle bag bila kuar soping on Saturday ;)