Thursday, November 7, 2013

Exclusive breasfeeding challenge

Farish Daniyal offers me totally new experience in my journey to exclusive breasfeeding. Due to let down and frequent engorgement, I have started expressing since day 3 of confinement. 

This is my 7 years old breast pump - Avent manul. You have served me so much henceforth time for your retirement, I guess..since getting older, using manual pump is a bit tiring and giving pressure to my amr's vein (mengada-ngada pun yer)..expressing while feeding also a bit challenging..

Then, I brought home this Medela Swing electric breast pump that can be operated with power or batteries. I found it easy to handle with less parts to assemble and dissemble for washing..obviously it's light weight and mobile for travel use. However, I'll felt a little pain from the suction. I've discovered that the standard breast shield comes in the package was not suitable for me and it works better without anymore pain after I've changed the breast shield from 24mm to 27mm. 

Unfortunately, it still take too long for me to settle down (sampai tertido la dalam mother's room). For a month, I used both breast pump to speed up the expressing process while looking for a better solution.

I'm finally met up with Avent (Philips) ISIS IQ Duo electric and I've fallen love with it. With advantage of transforming into manual mode, it has tremendous performance. Differ from other electric breast pump that control the suction by pressing increasing/decreasing button, ISIS IQ Duo store the desired pumping rhythm in her memory even after switched off.

It takes approximately 30 minutes for me to fill up 5oz x2 hence this time saving behavior makes me love her more. She's now become my BFF..he he..two thumbs up!
My EBM freezer

My expressing gear

Milk spilled over my usual
I'm pushing my level best to collect the EBM as much as possible and hope could maintain the supply for complete two years..Ameen~

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mari Mendirikan Solat

Wah..semangatnya dia nak ikut Kakak Solat. Kira boleh la tu walopun carca marba lagik turutannya,'s a good start, son..keep it up! :)